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FLCL poster in the background XD


"Heros never die"

... but... he died...

lol still great i love all of the Bunnykill videos, they are so epic!

Mottis responds:

That phrase was more about the fact that a true hero's memory lives on blah blah blah :P


I have watch all of these "lessons" so far, and i find them very interesting. Most statments in these videos seem to relate to me, on many levels. As an agnostic, I am open minded to differnt religous ideas, as an intelectual, I am understanding of the facts and threoies you present, and as an individual, i have experianced and met others who have many of the examples you presented.

I have my own threoy on the "impossible" acevments of anchent civilizations, though I am not ruling out other lifes. You see, as a species, we have not grown "smarter", rather than; our avaible knowlage has grown. Through out history we have lost knowlage also. Example being: the burning of the Library of Alexandia. When these happened, it is said we lost something like 90%-98% of our world knowlage. Another example would be the fact that there have been many civilizations that disappeared with out a trace, for no apparent reason. When these civilzations disappeared, we lost the knowlage they held. there are many other examples i could go to, but won't out of pure lazyness (lol), but with this how do we know that these people where really premitive, or that they had ansestors past down selected information and technology that got lost through time. I am not challanging you and your theroy in anyway here, I am just interested in seeing how you view this and our others view this.

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awesome game, made me think somewhat, great art, but what made me rate 5 stars instead of 4 1/2 was the fact that the song at the end was Lilium from Elfen Lied

pretty damn close

it said i have 134 but the test i took in real life said im 136 & im an all around learner meaning i can just learn something this said literary

DemiseAnimation responds:

Haha! Glad it was accurate!


I've loved this series, but u disappointed me with this one. It was easier than the other 2 and not as twisted. I was really hoping to see more of the Cheshire Cat, too. Great artwork from Hyptosis as always. Well this is suppose to be the end of the Alice is Dead series, but I (and many other people) would be happy if you made a fourth one or start a new series that ran off this one.

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Oral sex is truly a beautiful thing

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i would like to know the full true story o.o

I love this piece. It is simply amazing. I am literally left awe stricken. 5/5 5/5

As for the message of the Tower of Babel... It actually says it is impossible to reach the greatest height, no matter how hard man kind tries something will bring it down

Scottr5680 responds:

Thank you! :)

I should clarify that this isn't meant to represent the message of the story. It's actually more so the opposite. The story seems to have a negative outlook on what people can or should be allowed to accomplish. I, however, believe people are capable of greatness, that there is a bright future for us. By what means would we be brought down? War, disease, natural disaster, etc. If we work together to find solutions to these problems (rather than fighting in pointless wars), there's no telling how far we may go. So the idea is that we do as they were doing in the story by building the tower, to reach for the greatest heights.

I should also clarify that I'm no expert on these writings. This is just based on my thoughts of the story.

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